Terrestrial TV offers customers a distribution method that covers the whole country, reaching all Finns through one partner. Terrestrial TV is a versatile, comprehensive service that allows the customer to focus on its own core business. At the same time, Digita will take care of all broadcasting activities, ensuring TV broadcasts without interference around the clock, every day of the year.

Hybrid TV solutions enrich the viewing experience by adding the interactive features of the internet to television. Hybrid TV allows the channel to offer viewers more content and keep them engaged, even after viewers move away from linear channels. Hybrid TV services are available throughout Finland within Digita’s terrestrial television network coverage area. The services can be used with most 2014 and newer smart TV models.

Online distribution ensures broadcast-level content and that large audiences can experience live broadcasts simultaneously over the internet. The core of our online distribution is a domestically distributed CDN distribution network that operates 24/7. Leading aspects of our development work include terminal compatibility, low latency, and tailored, challenging media solutions.

Advertising delivers and develops regional advertising for TV companies.  Digita also develops completely new kinds of advertising solutions that combine traditional TV with online TV.

Analytics create solutions for customers with which they will learn the behavioural paths of TV viewers even better in the future and be able to match advertisers with the right target groups more efficiently.

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