New data center at Digita’s network management facility provides state-of-the-art technology and security features. Digita’s network management centre is centrally located in Pasila, Helsinki, at the TV and radio transmission tower.

 Digita’s Pasila Data Center offers reliable and robust data room facilities in the nerve centre of data communications in Finland. Digita’s hire facilities are ideal for companies that require optimum conditions to secure their operations.

 The data center is suitable for businesses that are considering relocating or decentralising their servers or data communication equipment.

New Data Center Technology for Demanding Use

The facilities comply with the strictest regulations and high international standards. In terms of security and technical aspects, we comply with standards such as the European Commission’s Code of Conduct on Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency

(DciE). The network management centre facilities are robust with access control systems and fire and intruder alarms.

The data rooms feature a highly efficient transfer network and high-quality fibre telecommunications.

The network management centre has a secure power supply operated by a diesel generator or a UPS system.

The temperature in data rooms remains constant thanks to efficient air-conditioning, and incoming air is filtered to eliminate dust.

 The Digita Data Center offers:

  • a central location in Helsinki
  • high-quality fibre telecommunications
  • competitive pricing

Data Center – Turnkey Service

The facilities-for-hire are also available as a turnkey service, which includes planning and installation services. Equipment and facilities are monitored with the remote monitoring system of Digita’s network management centre.

Additional Information

Fredrik Brunberg, Director, Data Center & Cloud Services
Tel. +358 50 375 2822

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