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pioneer in wireless and digital solutions

The company employs experts in modern technology who are actively involved in developing standards in the field. This guarantees reliable expertise and comprehensive digital solutions for its clients, which include television and radio broadcasting companies as well as mobile and broadband operators. Digita's organisation covers the whole country and offers high quality service 24 hours a day. Digita is a Finnish company owned by First State Investments, a leading European manager of and investor in infrastructure assets.

Our expertise is based on long experience in utilising radio frequencies, high-power transmissions and high masts. Our broadcasting network covers the whole of Finland and consists of 36 main broadcasting stations, 154 substations and dozens of transmission link stations. Digita’s Network Management Centre in Helsinki monitors the operation of the networks 24 hours a day.

Analogue TV Switch Over in Finland

Finland changed over to digital TV in 2007. Digita played a key role in implementing this transition in close cooperation with the industry. Since the outset, the company began operating four multiplexes and started offering pay-TV services later in the autumn. At the same time, the analogous network was shut down in the Finnish territory. Digita played a major part in consumer communications by coordinating the nationwide call centre. Digita’s in-depth expertise and experience from successful ASO/DTO implementation have also been harvested internationally. Digita is a member of all national industry bodies and is also actively involved in cooperative international organisations such as NorDig, DVD and BNE. Digita is also a pioneer in DVB-T.

Contact Information

Henri Viljasjärvi, Director, Radio and Engineering Solutions
Tel +358 20 411 711 (switchboard)
Email henri.viljasjarvi(a)

Teppo Ahonen, Director, Video Platform Solutions

Tel +358 20 411 711 (switchboard)
Email teppo.ahonen(a)

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