Digita has been broadcasting radio and TV programs reliably to all Finland for decades. The national transmission and broadcasting network has expanded to the world IoT – Digita's LoRa network covers 85% of the population and approximately 95% of the companies. Digita´s high masts and two-way LoRa technology enables its users to control different kinds of devices simply and cost-effectively.

LoRa™ is next-generation’s radio technology, that has been especially designed to meet the needs of IoT. It has a low price and power consumption, and excellent range that makes it compatible with various types of wireless data gathering and monitoring solutions. LoRa uses similar kind of spread-spectrum technology that is used in mobile phones, the received signal can be recognized below the noise level. One of Digita´s pilot projects has been carried out in 200 VVO Group’s apartments, where the temperature has been monitored via the LoRa network. With the help of IoT, VVO Group is able to adjust the living conditions of their residents automatically to ideal.

“We in Digita believe that IoT technology will revolutionise our daily lives. It can already be used to monitor conditions in warehouses, the use of devices, and access control systems. In the future, the network can also be made to locate data terminal equipment, which will allow us to expand our services to tracking parcels and pets, for example. In theory, there is no limit to the kinds of applications that are possible”, says Ari Kuukka, Director, IoT of Services at Digita.

Digita is a member of LoRa Alliance.

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Ari Kuukka
Director, IoT Services
Tel. +358 40 149 7942
Mika Flinck
Head of Sales, IoT Services
Tel. +358 44 231 8030

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