Playout and headend services for channel compositing and encoding

Digita’s Playout service provides a way for compositing customers’ contents into programme streams and encoding for TV, radio or the Internet.

Service for customer’s own content and schedule

Playout content can be content produced at the customer’s own studios and provided as files or video signal; signal taken from the customer’s network - or any other content, which can be imported into Digita’s network.

For example, signal can be received at Digita’s satellite terrestrial station. Digita Playout composites contents into the transmission stream and distributes programme content on the channels specified by the customer.

The operation of the Playout service is timed with the schedules supplied by the client. The service uses predefined playout lists, which specify the exact time for the playout of each programme. The service can also be used for live playout.

Versatile Playout system for audiovisual content

Different types of content: video and audio productions, including live broadcasting

receiving and checking programme and schedule files, filing into the playout system connecting programmes from the playout system to multiple distribution networks at the right time reliable connections between the studio and the broadcasting unit.

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