Streaming - bring your own radio or TV channel online

Many radio and TV channels broadcast live online alongside traditional forms of broadcasting. Online broadcasting can be received on computers, mobile phones and various tablet PCs.

Digita has a number of online radio clients in Finland, including Radio Nova and Sävelradio.

Fintoto’s TotoTV online broadcasting is offered using Digita’s Streaming service.

Digita has also produced short-term online radio services for operators such as the Jouluradio Christmas radio of Toivontuottajat.

Streaming solutions at your fingertips

Digita provides an easy and convenient way of online content distribution. Our services offer high functionality and capacity, speed, quality and sensible pricing. Service rates are based on the number of simultaneous users.

Extensive additional services

The service can be expanded to include support for the management of on-demand contents, editing functions, geographical restrictions, user identification, usage statistics, monitoring and player applications.

 In addition, individual radio programmes can be downloaded as podcasts onto various personal devices. Digita produces these and other versatile services for its clients.


Digita’s Streaming service can be used for webcasting in applications such as internal training events and for external communications to customers or shareholders. In addition to moving images and sound, different types of presentation materials can be shown to audiences.

Webcasting offers savings in travel and communication costs, and it is ideal for geographically dispersed and networked organisations.

Digita Streaming is a complete service solution for online distribution of audiovisual contents.

Digita Streaming

Streaming services are available both for long-term and one-time events to businesses and communities.

Additional information

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