Digita's radio broadcasting service

Digita’s radio broadcasting service broadcasts the customer’s radio programmes to listeners all over Finland in a reliable way. Our flexible service allows us to provide a local or national solution that meets the customer’s needs – also short-term needs.

Our customers in the radio waves

We offer our service to companies and communities that have been granted the licences needed for radio broadcasting operations. Naturally, our expertise in matters concerning the licences and international frequency coordination is also offered for the use of our customers.

Our short-term radio broadcasting services enable broadcasts from different public, sports and cultural events.

Our radio customers are, among others, SBS Radio, Metro Radio, Radio Dei, and the national Yleisradio (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) and Radio Nova.

Our comprehensive service includes

  • Planning of coverage areas (maps, population coverage)
  • Radio transmission system (transfer service, transmitters, RDS service)
  • Installation, testing and commissioning
  • Monitoring and maintenance
  • We also provide parts of the comprehensive service as separate product solutions.
  • Technology and additional services

    Analogous radio broadcasts can be connected with a studio system, programme transfer, transmission system for additional data (RDS, DARC), RF filter, antenna cable, antenna, back-up technology and equipment for remote use.