Digita OAD Service

Digita OAD service is designed for Set-top-box (STB) manufacturers who want to either correct software or provide their receivers with new features or provide their recievers with new features (SSU, System Software Update).

One of the most essential parts affecting the operation of a digital television receiver is the system software. The television viewer sees the software as a user interface, but the software also controls the physical components of the receiver.

The OAD service in short means that the new system software is broadcasted to the digital television receivers via Digita's DVB-T network and the trouble of taking the receiver back to the store can be avoided. This saves the resources of both the consumer and the receiver manufacturer.

The system software and it's operations in itself is critical for the viewer's STB. Also Digita is responsible to all it's clients that the content transmitted in it's network is according to the standards.

Digita does not test the different features the new software but only that the signaling of the software is according to standards and Digita's rules of operations.

The producer or importer of the receiver is always solely responsible for deciding how often they use the Digita OAD services and what kind of new features the new software includes of - or what it repaires.

Digita is responsible for transmitting the set-top-boxes' new software via it's network - according to the contract we make with the manufacturer or importer in any particular case.

Digita Oy broadcasts system software updates made according to the DVB (DVB specification for System Software Updates in DVB Systems).

This is the way the service works:

  • If the OAD to be done is the first software update of the equipment, testing should be carried out in Digita's test environment.
  • Contact testlab(a)digita.fi and we willl make you an offer for an update period that meets your needs.
  • Download and fill in the Service Information Form which can be found from the bottom of this page
  • Deliver the new bootloading version of the software to Digita via e-mail (the maximum size of an e-mail is 20 MB), by mail as a CD-ROM or by FTP along with the Service Information Form
  • Digita will will verify the signalling of the update in the network. The test will verify the operation of the bootload in the network.
  • Digita will broadcast the software update to the terrestrial digital television network at the agreed bit rate at an agreed period of time
  • After the download period ends, the update is removed from broadcast.


  • The time of delivery is 10 working days
  • Digita charges the service in advance
  • The time of delivery begins from when Digita has received
        • Signed contract
        • Receipt of the payment
        • The Transport Stream file and all necessary additive technical information (Service Information Form)


Service Information Form 2013

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