Short-term operating licences in Terrestrial TV in Finland

Companies and communities have the possibility to offer their own programmes in digital television in Finland. Programme broadcasting can be one-time broadcasting or more frequently repeated.
With the help of Digita's service you can transmit both direct broadcasts and ready compiled video materials and other programme contents in the terrestrial TV network. All who have an antenna and a TV set can receive them.

Short-term operating licences

An operating licence is not required for one-time broadcasting or interactive services.

A short-term operating licence is required, when

  • the weekly duration of broadcasting is maximally four hours, or
  • the over-all duration of the broadcasting activities is maximally three months.

A short-term operating licence is applied for from the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. The only condition for the granting of the application is that the programme contents are in accordance with the Finnish laws.

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