Welcome to the Digita HbbTV Plugfest 7-8 March 2018!

Digita's second Plugfest is an event built around the HbbTV standard. At this event, representatives of the television industry – from device sales representatives to application developers – get to test the mutual compatibility of devices and systems and broaden their experiences of using HbbTV services. 

Digita is delighted to assemble the big league in the television industry. We invite all TV manufacturers, device sales representatives, designers and software professionals to visit us on 7 –8 March from 9 am to 4 pm. The event will be held in Digita’s premises in Helsinki, at the address Jämsänkatu 2.

The last day of registration is the 27th of February.

We´ll contact registered persons in order to inform on practicalities.

Further information about the event:

Tuomas Seppälä, Business Development Manager, Digita
tel. +358 50 5555 723, tuomas.seppala@digita.fi

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